Now we are three (bulrushes)

My bulrush, today

My bulrush, today

Last year I was terribly exited as my pond was colonised by wild self-seeded bulrush.

Most wildlife specialists would find this event quite uninspiring: after all, bulrushes are very common, they do colonise new ponds in the countryside very easily, they haven’t got pretty flowers and they often grow in rather nasty polluted places.

On top of this most people are taught that bulrushes are highly invasive: indeed I was passed a new garden pond leaflet the other day which listed them as unsuitable for small ponds.

To me though the arrival of the bulrush was proof my garden pond could work just like a ‘real’ pond. Swapping animals and plants with other freshwater habitats.

So the continued happy progress of my plants is interesting.

From the one plant last year there are now three – not very tall – plants.

They have been used as an egg-laying site (more later on this) and my Large Red Damselflies have used them to emerge on.

I’m not worried they’ll get out of hand – if they do I will – wait for it – pull some out, which of course I can easily do.

But I think they’re not growing very fast because in a low nutrient, clean water pond, they will have to compete for food with the other plants animals in the pond.


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