The Makeover: adding the water

We needed 1200 litres of rainwater to fill the pond. This is 120 of the buckets in the picture or roughly 6 standard 200 litre water butts.

Here’s Andy and Chris putting in the first few buckets.

FillingThePondFor this special demonstration we collected all this water and added it at once.

In practice there’s no need to fill a pond all in one go – so you don’t need to have six water butts available.

One thing to say about the rectangular Blue Peter pond, all of the same depth, is that it does take quite a lot of water to fill.

My garden pond, which is about the same surface area, needed less than half this amount of water.


2 Responses to “The Makeover: adding the water”

  1. newtsludge Says:

    is this going to be on telly? Our latest wildlife in our 2 month old new pond is baby pond skaters only 2mm long. i’ve never noticed them before. the adults (2cm long) are still about. except for mosquito and midge lavae, not much else in there yet.

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