Large Red Damselfies are starting to emerge


Down at Frog End in Devon, the first Large Red Damselflies are out now.

In my pond the larvae are nearly ready to emerge – you can see the red of the adult body through the larval skins.

Last year I saw my first on 9th May – so should be any time now.


One Response to “Large Red Damselfies are starting to emerge”

  1. Diane Says:

    OMG! That’s a scary looking beast up close! We live close to the canal and I’ve not noticed any yet – but it’s been so windy they’ve probably been blown away. I’ll have to take a walk and have a close look at what’s going on.
    I’ve got a pond on my allotment, it’s only tiny but it’s got a cute little frog (or two, but I’ve not seen them at the same time) but it’s full of slimey weed. not sure what to do: Is it too late for taking the pond weed out without disturbing the frogs? We’ve not had the allotment that long and so have been concentrating on the raised beds rather than the pond. Is it safe to put some pond weed in from a garden pond?

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