Five million people see man create ‘absolutely disgusting mess’

Great to see the One Show doing ponds last night: watch it again on the iPlayer here. Skip forward to minute 23 to get to the pondy bit.

The pond they made though……eeeek, not quite sure how to put this guys but… own words will probably have to do:

‘We’ve created an absolute disgusting mess’ (honest, they did say that – go to minute 27 and watch on, although I’m not sure they actually meant it).

Absolutely disgusting‘?: probably a bit harsh. Even polluted ponds have quite a lot of wildlife. They just don’t reach their full potential.

The pond was twice as deep as I would make it (see Pond Story), steeper sided and will have polluted water from day one, sadly.

But they’ll still have fantastic fun watching what comes to the pond: there’s nothing to beat it.

I’m looking forward to the return visit.


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