Rainy days


I’m looking out on rain-filled skies, and I feel a quickening, the excitement of exceptional weather. I look out for weather warnings – which are really a promise of pleasures to come.

I never know what to say when people complain about the rain. I never quite have the nerve to tell them what I really feel, to to tell them I really don’t agree its a miserable day. Its a day promising the unusual, maybe the exceptional.

I love the rain; I love heavy rain and I love its implications. Whisper it: I love floods.

It’s a scary business; and, as we’ve been reminded today, water is still untamed.


One Response to “Rainy days”

  1. Steve Nevets Says:

    Hi Jeremy. New to Blogs, but you have more information on this site than I have seen anywhere. Great ! Is it all from experience with yourown ponds or gained from elsewhere ? Have you any information on what plants would best be suited to this type of shallow wildlife pond.

    Great keep up the good work……..

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