Making my new clean water pond

Making progress last Sunday

Making progress last Sunday

The new pond is progressing well – I’ve begun to shape the hole now, and work on the marginal turves. The maximum depth is going to be around 30 cm, with the pond roughly divided between a deeper ‘north’ basin and a shallower ‘south’ basin.

The liner is bought and paid for.

Next weekend should see the final stages, if we are lucky – then it’ll be time to pray for water. No hosepipe filling here!

The spirit level and long pole help to get the margins the same height all the way round

The spirit level and long pole help to get the margins the same height all the way round



4 Responses to “Making my new clean water pond”

  1. DIY Dave Says:


    I have bookmarked your blog, looking forward to seeing how you go with the pond!

    Its great when the wildlife starts to arrive.

  2. Jon. Dewhirst Says:


    Why should the margins have to be the same height all the way round?

  3. Jeremy Biggs Says:

    Hi Jon

    There’s no special reason to have the pond margin at the same level but it can look odd if you have a lot of ground high and dry on one side.

    In reality once the grass grows (if you’ve got a grassy margin) quite a lot of sins disappear.


  4. avkq47 Says:

    Hello Jeremy

    So glad google came up with your blog! Customer has asked me to create a natural pond for them – I can prune roses and do gardening but … ponds? … I know little about, so your blog was absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much. I tried to get back to page one and leave comment … but it’s hiding somewhere – no doubt I will find it in due course! Question – customer wants pond on the edge of a very large damson tree, and I am concerned there will be too much leaf/fruit litter without ugly netting? Do you have any thoughts please on how I can get around this. The part of the garden is a beautiful spot for putting a bench and overlooking open countryside.

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