Digging at Barton Meadow

A few shots of the digging at Barton Meadow in Oxfordshire.

The work is being done by the Abingdon Naturalist’s who look after the area, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The ponds are specifically for water voles: there are loads in the area, which is on the floodcplain of the Thames at Abingdon, so they should move in pretty quickly.

Water quality isn’t perfect here: conductivity is over 600. But fortunately clean water isn’t too important for Water Voles: they mostly feed on reedy plants, like Bulrush and Reed Canary Grass, which grow well in polluted water.


One Response to “Digging at Barton Meadow”

  1. Shelagh Selvli-Wilson Says:

    Hi, have just moved into an oldish house with a very old pond-lined pond – no pump, no filter but seems to have some life so don’t know how to resurrect it without harming the existing life. It’s quite small, measuring about 5ft widthways and about 3ft across. We think it’s about 2ft in depth. Have spotted a few frogs and frogspawn but the water look exceedingly unhealthy.Can you please advise? Any help will be much appreciated.

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