A nice-to-see mayfly

Not a mayfly you see every day of the week

Not a mayfly you see every day of the week

This mayfly – it’s either the Claret Dun or the Sepia Dun (the entomologists names are Leptophlebia marginata and Leptophlebia vespertina) – is not one you will see every day in lowland Britain – it needs acid water so in the south its only in heathy, peaty places.

Its not a great rarity but we only found it in about 10% of the high quality unpolluted ponds of the National Pond Survey; it was found in similar proportion of the best rivers by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. So seeing it is part of a nice day out.

I took this picture in my tray – so not a great pic. but it’s what you see.

It’s interesting that it can live in such small ponds as this one – if you could get the conditions right, and you lived near to other acid waters, it seems quite possible you could get this to colonise garden ponds.


To be certain which of the two species you have needs a microscope.


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