Climate change and the wildlife of ponds, rivers and lakes


The Chairman of the Environment Agency Chris Smith is quoted in the Guardian today saying:

“Fresh water is a fragile and vulnerable resource. Already there is less water available per person in England and Wales than in Egypt or Spain. If we fail to act now, we could face severe consequences such as water rationing, standpipes in our streets and the loss of wetlands and native wildlife.”

What can you do about this – except wait for a water meter and take fewer baths?

Well, you can help Pond Conservation and others create new clean water ponds across the landscape – in the countryside, and in gardens.

Our research shows that ponds support populations of 2/3rds of all freshwater species. The protection of ponds is a vital but neglected part of protecting freshwaters.

Natural England (the government organisation which focuses on protecting wildlife) has reported than that ponds support more of the most vulnerable plants and animals of freshwater than either rivers or lakes.

So support the Environment Agency’s call to protect rivers – 80% of the river network in Engalnd and Wales will fail to meet the new standards of the Water Framework Directive, so this is essential – but don’t forget that you can do something now as well.

Make a clean water pond and you will be adding a new, natural, high quality habitat to the British landscape.


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