Albino frog spawn


Thanks to Elsie for this great picture of albino frog spawn.

Albino spawn and tadpoles turn up most years (they even made the Daily Mail last year!).

Elsie has confirmed that the spawn is developing – so look out for albino taddies.

Has anyone else come across albino spawn/tadpoles?


4 Responses to “Albino frog spawn”

  1. Words Says:

    Fascinating. I didn’t see any albino spawn but I do have what appears to be a pair of albino tadpoles. See here…

  2. Christine Bell Says:

    Hi, my Mother always has lots of frog spawn this time of year. This year she as some albino spawn and we are watching and waiting to see i she will have white tadpoles.

    • Jeremy Biggs Says:

      Hi Christine

      it’ll be interesting to hear if you get white tadpoles. Have you had any before? Where is your Mum’s pond?


  3. Bev Wadge Says:

    I was out torching ponds for amphibians this evening, and found 2 clumps of albino frogspawn amongst a mass of the usual black. I will be returning to the pond to take photos, and will keep an eye out for albino tadpoles in due course.

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