Goldfish for your pond

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If you’d like some goldfish for your pond, but are worried by the fact that they might eat everything (and that, if you’re reading this in the UK, they are not native) I have the solution.

The rather neat animation above from Hint: try moving the cursor over the picture – the fish will follow.

And you have to rather admire goldfish for their amazing toughness. But they’re nothing compared to our native crucian carp: the crucian carp can survive for weeks or months under zero oxygen conditions – it is a truly remarkable animal (I’ll write some more about it sometime soon).


And just to prove that not everything about goldfish is simple, this little pond in a Buckinghamshire village had goldfish, an alien plant (you can see it sticking out of the water – Parrot’s-feather) and a far more acceptable broad-bodied chaser dragonfly larva lurking amongst those (apparently) noxious weeds.


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