Dead frogs and fish

This in from K Vear (see the comments on the right):


Like you I have over the past 4 weeks, found 7 dead frogs in my pond which measures 23 ft by 15ft water pump and filter always running.

Spawn as usual; no fish deaths (25 goldfish, 1 30 year old carp & 2 tench).

Today found a mating pair [of frogs] just about alive.

This is in Gloucestershire; I too would like to know what is happening, unable to find a contact at nature watch.

Hi K

The most interesting thing to ask is: do you manage to get frogs emerging from your pond with the fish?

I’m sure you know the conventional wisdom: pond + fish = no frogs.

This is mainly because fish munch up frog taddies except where the taddies can hide away (though not toad tadpoles which taste horrid).

As for the dead frogs: were the deaths just the effects of the cold weather? Did your pond freeze over? Or maybe just the winter taking its toll, with the frogs simply running out of energy reserves as they come into a stressful time during the breeding season?

Are your frogs still dying – in which case perhaps we’re talking about diseases?



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