More on frozen frogs


This was from Larry in Mannheim (Germany) who was puzzling about the cause of death of these frogs.

Hello Jeremy,

Sending you some pics I took this afternoon. One of the pics shows some of the dead frogs I netted.

Just very unfortunate there were many more than I ever imagined.

Usually I only saw 1-2 frogs at a time and I guess the others stayed under the vegetation.

While clearing out the dead frogs I saw numerous goldfish that appeared to be alright. None dead so far.

Our extreme cold we had for weeks on end created a thick ice sheet over the pond and because it was too cold I paid little attention and just did not get outside.

 It looks like Larry’s frogs were lack of oxygen victims. At the same time the goldfish survived – which fits the idea that goldfish are more tolerant of low oxygen conditions than frogs.

Also a nice picture of Larry’s pond.


Garden pond in Mannheim (Germany)

Garden pond in Mannheim (Germany)


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