Where’s my spawn?

If you’re worrying why there’s no spawn yet check the dates when it should be coming by looking at this post and the map below.


Frog spawning times in Britain

Frog spawning times in Britain: date of first appearance of spawn shown as days after after 1st Jan. So Day Number 71 is the 12th March. From the report by Carroll, Sparks, Collinson and Beebee in the journal Global Change Biology.


2 Responses to “Where’s my spawn?”

  1. belleuy stephen Says:

    sorry, i dont like adding my email add what frogs eat please

    • Jeremy Biggs Says:

      Dear Stephen

      Adult frogs eat small animals like snails, slugs, flies, beetles, woodlice and so on – but only on dry land.

      Tadpoles graze algae and tiny animals, like Protozoa, but they also like dead and decaying animals.


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