I am a Dad!

Frogspawn this morning in my pond

Frogspawn this morning in my pond

Hooray – two weeks earlier than last year, this morning we have the first frogspawn.

Now follows four months of frog anxiety as we nurse our little babies through the vicissitudes of frosty nights killing the spawn and backswimmers catching the poor helpless little tadpoles, all the way through to the hazardous emergence from the pond. Just when you think everyone’s safe: lawnmowers and drowning in buckets.

In this business it pays not to put all your emotional eggs in one basket – thank goodness for my dragonflies, mayflies, beetles and caddis flies – I even rather like backswimmers.

And I can’t wait to see how my famous bulrush develops. I’m waiting for it to invade the pond!


One Response to “I am a Dad!”

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    […] So spawning has been going on now for 2 weeks – my first clump was on March 4th. […]

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