The agony and the ecstasy

A recent e-mail from Lowri in Wales on the subject of iced up ponds:

Dear Jeremy,

First the bad news, the final count of dead frogs in my pond was 41!

Now the astonishing good news! I went to look at the pond yesterday out of curiosity, as I had abandoned it for ages, from utter despair! It isn’t the sort of pond you pass every day, it is hidden away and well fenced against sheep.

Surprise! There was a raft of healthy-looking frogspawn in the middle, about 1 foot X 1 foot, on top of the huge water lily plant. It takes up nearly half the surface of the pond! Alas, there are one or 2 dead and decaying frogs in the water, they look horrible, like great lumps of soggy suet.

This rather puts paid to my plans for clearing out the pond this spring!!

The level has dropped and I am going to top it up with a hosepipe – have no fear, I have a spring and am on private water, straight out of the ground (and regarded as suspect by the Water Board as it has things in it that drinking water shouldn’t have – it’s been the same water source for me for 20 years and I’m still here!!).


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