Was it the ice?

In the comments yesterday from Mick:

I’ve got a 6ft x 4ft x 3-4 ft deep pond and loads of frogs and goldfish for 15 years without any problems…then in the last few days discovered 10 large dead frogs and 3 fish. Made a few small air holes in the ice but they froze up very quickly after. So was it the ice?

J’s answer: well it looks pretty much like it must have been the ice since both fish and frogs died (with presumably no other signs of disease or illness?).

As I commented during the freeze I think that simply making holes in the ice – the thing that’s normally recommended, probably won’t make much difference becasue oxygen diffuses into still water from the air extremely slowly.

To get oxygen into the water you either need plants (including algae) under the water to be producing oxygen, or mixing of the water to stir oxygen in from the air.

Another thought: did the pond ice up for any length of time in the last 15 years?

To Mick, thanks for the comment. And watch out for the next cold spell!


One Response to “Was it the ice?”

  1. Amanda Egan Says:


    On a TV show I saw a guy create a wildlife pond his family could swim in. It cost loads! But it cost very little to run. There was some essential bugs, plants and a special filter to keep the water clear -ish (no big fish)

    Does any one have any advice on how to make this type of pond – a good book perhaps ?

    Also would solar heating the pond in very cold weather help?

    Regards and thanks

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