Did they croak during the ice cover? (with apologies to Shrek II for the bad joke)


Did anyone see any dead frogs after the ice?

If anyone has seen any signs of frogs killed by the ice cover, I’d be very interested to hear.

As we’ve seen, oxygen levels under the ice can stay high – and this should stop ‘toxic gases’ from forming (one of the reasons for breaking ice to protect frogs): but maybe little froggies know more about their environment than we give them credit for (see link to advice about breaking the ice for frogs).

It would be especially interesting to know if you didn’t see any dead frog (and a happier story as well!).


5 Responses to “Did they croak during the ice cover? (with apologies to Shrek II for the bad joke)”

  1. Steve Priestley Says:

    On our shallow pond (12″ deep), which does contain frogs, there were no sightings of dead frogs after the ice cleared.

  2. martin Says:

    Checked our pond this morning and can straight away see 4 dead frogs…. Not pleasent 😦

  3. Lorraine Pink Says:

    We live in North Nottinghamshire and have a pond which is three foot deep in the centre. We had seven inches of ice and two foot of snow so could not break a hole, Twenty eight dead frogs rose to the surface when the ice melted. I do not think one has survived. Tragedy! We will miss them! Had a great frogs’ chorus in the summer. Our garden is well fenced how do we replace them? Could now become a slugs paradise.

    • Jeremy Biggs Says:

      Sorry to hear it – you’re not alone sadly. If you could bear it, we’d be really grateful if you could do a Big Thaw Form (if you haven’t already).

      It’s possible most of the mortalities will have been males – so it maybe that you’ll still have frogs visiting.

      Do let us know.

      Best wishes


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