Today’s searches

Ice is your concern today. Here are the top searches:

  • should i break the ice on my pond?
  • should i break the pond ice?
  • frozen garden ponds
  • how to get rid of ice on pond
  • how to break ice on pond
  • should i break the ice on the pond
  • how to kill backswimmers
  • wildlife pond
  • endangered water plants in the uk
  • should you break the ice on a pond
  • garden ponds, break ice
  • breaking ice on garden pond
  • freezing garden ponds
  • small mothlike aquatic insect
  • how to make air hole in pond ice
  • breaking ice on ponds
  • break pond ice best
  • how to stop ice forming in pond
  • breaking ice on a pond
  • ice break pond
  • garden pond iced up
  • ice koi pond
  • ice on ponds
  • koi pond iphone

2 Responses to “Today’s searches”

  1. Kate Says:

    Can anyone tell me why some of my goldfish and carp are swimming around near the surface of our pond in the area where I’ve defrosted the thick ice? What can I do ?

    • Jeremy Biggs Says:

      Hi Kate

      They’re probably looking for oxygen which is usually highest near the surface of the pond, and lower at the bottom. Have you broken the ice or is there still ice cover?


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