Another pink pond

Pink pond at Stadhampton (Oxfordshire)

Pink pond at Stadhampton (Oxfordshire)

Pink isn’t always such a great colour for your pond.

Here’s one that looks quite attractive at first sight but the pink is the result of a large amount of fairy fern (Azolla filiculoides).

The main problem is that the plant is usually a symptom of  something worse: very high concentrations of phosphorus in the water.

So just removing the Azolla – something people might be tempted to try – probably wouldn’t be worth the trouble here.

Unless you could get rid of all the phosphorus, and stop more from entering the pond again, its probably simplest to enjoy the colour. And if you want to be sure of having an unpolluted pond, dig a new one somewhere away from houses and polluted runoff!

And we did see four moorhens, and I would guess they wouldn’t be too bothered by the pollution (phosphorus isn’t toxic – it just messes up the ponds when there’s too much of it).


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