It’s cold out there – but not lifeless

Common black water beetle (Agabus bipustulatus)

Common black water beetle (Agabus bipustulatus). It's not obvious but the beetle is under the water (Copyright: Johannes Skaftason)

Just looking in the my pond last night there was loads still going on – even though it was only 4 degrees C.

Common black diving beetles (above) were popping up to the surface from time to time to replenish their air supplies.

Backswimmers were on the prowl hunting the swarms of pond olive mayfly larvae.

N. Sloth)

This cute water beetle - Agabus nebulosus - needs an English name (Copyright: Niels Sloth)

And this beautiful little diving beetle, which still doesn’t have an English name so will have to go on being called simply Agabus nebulosus, was scurrying from leaf to leaf, no doubt also searching for food.

The nightlife is both cool and chilled.

Thanks to Niels Sloth and Johannes Skaftason for the pictures. Check out their work.



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