Newts on the move

Newts on the move (by car)

Newts on the move (by car)

I came across a surprising example of people moving newts long distances the other day.

It’s interesting because these things usually go un-noticed.

The trip seems to have been from the Wirral to a garden pond in Exeter – by car.

Although pond plants and animals make some of the longest distance migrations amphibians don’t move far, unless they hitch a ride somehow. Normally 500m, or at the very outside a few kilometres, is the limit of your average newt or toad – at least in one go.

Moving newts around this much must be rather out of the ordinary – and probably to be avoided.



One Response to “Newts on the move”

  1. Scriptor Senex Says:

    Despite being the perosn who did it – I agree that this is something generally to be avoided without first checking with the local wildlife organistions and ensuring that the stock is healthy and welcome in the area.

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