Scottish nature conservation law Trump -ed by golf course development

The Trump Tower. Remind you of something?

The Trump Tower in New York

What’s Donald Trump (billionaire property developer) got to do with ponds? Well, just now, quite a bit.

You might not expect there to be ponds on sand dunes – but sand dunes are often home to amazing, and completely natural, winter-filled ponds – known in the dry and baffling official jargon beloved of conservation organisations as humid dune slacks

So it’s sad to hear that an internationally protected sand dune system in Scotland – and the ponds it supports – is going to be turned into a golf course. The picture above shows the home base of the scheme promoter – Donald Trump.

Its not the first time this has happened in Scotland recently either – on the west coast of Scotland Machrihanish Dunes SSSI has had an eco-friendly golf course added to it. I don’t know this site but the SSSI notification says there are winter-flooded ponds here too.

Are they going to be vulnerable to the fertilisers, pesticides or plant growth regulators which can be used on the greens and tees of the new course?



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