Duck attack

Ducks in Buxton clear pedestrians from the streets

Ducks in Buxton

Visiting Buxton, Derbyshire.

In the town park: how do you get wetland plants to grow around ponds with lots of ducks?

Well, below is one solution.

The plant behind the fence is the not so Hard Rush.

Tough plants cower behind platic fencing

Tough plants cower behind platic fencing



One Response to “Duck attack”

  1. Brenda Nyman Says:

    Why would you want to discourage the ducks? We put in a 12 x 20 ft, 1.5 ft deed pond for a female mallard duck that was coming to our place for the cracked corn we put out for the birds/animals and was trying to sit in the bird bath. Now we have the one female and two males and we’re trying to figure out what is best to plant in and around the pond for the ducks. This is an all natural pond, no liners, no fish and all the water comes from rain & ground water being pumped from around the house via our sump pump. We did how ever put in a filter with a fountain head that just barely breaks the water surface to keep the water moving.

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