New ponds are great for……the White-faced Darter Dragonfly

White-faced darter dragonfly (Leucorrhinia dubia)

White-faced darter dragonfly (Leucorrhinia dubia) can colonise new ponds if they're in the right places - very close to existing breeding sites

The first of a series of posts to bring together information on species that pond creation is good for, in no special order – just as I come across them.

First, the white-faced darter dragonfly: and the results of making a new 7 x 7 m pond at Chartley Moss (Cheshire) to create new habitat for this species which is uncommon, and has declined, in the UK.

In 1992 the new pond – the Wood Pool – was made to provide habitat for the dragonfly. After three years the animals colonised from nearby areas. The closest breeding habitat 85 m away.

Previously ‘small’ pools had been unsuccessful (though 7 x 7 m is still a pretty small pond by my standards).

More details at


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