Was the wet weather good for pond wildlife?

One of the young frogs from from our garden pond

Earlier in the year several newspapers ran articles about the bad effects of wet weather on wildlife.

Nobody much mentioned ponds, and I was chatting to my colleague Chris the other day and he thought that this had been a good year for frogs, with lots of young frogs and toads emerging from ponds.

And this certainly chimes with what happened in the garden – we only had two clumps of spawn (it was our first year), but our tadpoles grew fast and there seemed to be loads of young frogs about by the beginning of July.

So bad for butterflies but maybe good for frogs.

More about the positive side of wet weather for pondy wildlife to follow…..



2 Responses to “Was the wet weather good for pond wildlife?”

  1. Notonecta Says:

    Liking your blog – thought you deserved a comment! best wishes from Dorset

  2. Jeremy Biggs Says:

    Thanks for your comment Notonecta in Dorset.

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