Myths about garden ponds: blanketweed

Looks awful, but its full of life

Blanketweed: Looks awful, but its full of life

Almost all the advice you see on the web about wildlife garden ponds is based on a widely believed set of myths about the way ponds work. Ponds need to be cleaned out regularly, they shouldn’t be shaded, they should never dry out, the water levels should never vary, they shouldn’t be allowed to become ‘choked’ with plants.

Because of this a lot of advice given about ponds in gardens is misleading, or just plain wrong.

The latest example: I read on Richard Jones blog that he’s been advised ‘September is a good month to remove blanketweed’.

First up: why remove blanket weed in the first place? Its a great habitat, usually full of life, and much better as a habitat than plain open water.  In fact in most garden ponds it would probably be one of the best habitats! The main problem with blanketweed is that people don’t like the look of it, but that doesn’t mean its not just great for wildlife.

Second: why September? The reason given is its ‘when tadpoles have gained legs and left the pond, and adult amphibians are not yet hibernating.’ But what about all the other animals living in the blanketweed all the year round? The damselflies and dragonflies, the mayflies, water slaters, snails and other smaller animals.

Removing blanketweed is simply pulling out their habitat.


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  1. Now I am doing it – looking for myths in pond advice « Pond at 38 Nursery Rd Blog Says:

    […] I do no thave any algae growing in my little garden pond – here is the stuff about blanket weed from the Garden pond Blog […]

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