Building my new wildlife garden pond

A pond sized space

A pond sized space

Here is the pond-sized space where my new wildlife haven is going to be – complete with helper!  

This will be my second pond – more of pond number 1 later.

So, time to get digging.

Looking round the web, it seems that the best time to dig a pond is either spring, or the late summer or the early autumn or indeed any time at all. The only season that gets no-one’s vote is winter!

I think the reasons for choosing one season or the other are mostly tosh.

Seems to me that the only real rule is: the sooner you start, the sooner your pond will be there providing a great new addition to your garden.



2 Responses to “Building my new wildlife garden pond”

  1. FrogII Says:

    if you’ve got a pond already, why do you need to make another?

  2. Jeremy Biggs Says:

    Having more than one pond means I can give a home to a more things. For example, newts often eat tadpoles – and once you’ve got newts it can put pay to your frogs. The answer: 2 ponds.

    Also I love the surprise of seeing the first new animals and plants coming to a pond – so its fun having another new pond to watch this happening.

    And as my first pond matures it will change – it probably won’t be so good for my Common Darter dragonfly larvae which like the bare sandy bottom. As it gets more muddy (which’ll be good for other stuff) they’ll have to move on – hopefully to pond number 2.

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